The firm’s shipping lawyers represent ship managers and ship owners and investors who finance transportation business and has also acted in the past for maritime insurance companies, P&I and FDD matters. We also act for many suppliers (domestic and overseas), contractors, shore crane owners etc in many domestic ports. Our previous legal practical experience (including City of London) enables us to understand and come into path with professional approach to the worldwide need of the industry.

The office has developed a long term expertise and acknowledged skills in advising on all areas of shipping law, including sale and purchase (MOA & SP) and shipping finance, shipping registration, management contracts and structure, charter party and bill of lading disputes, arbitration, marine insurance, marine insurance litigation, claims enforcement and arrest  at domestic and overseas admiralty jurisdictions, injunctions, crew claims, personal injury and third party claims, transportation issues, logistics, forwarding etc. Our clients list includes shipping companies that operate in all the fields of shipping business and participate in diverse international agreements and commercial endeavours.