Please see below for a selection of presentations highlighting aspects of our work:

Vendor Due Diligence Package for start ups
This presentation contains useful legal tips for every start up that wishes to receive funding. It underlines what are the most important legal issues to be presented to tentative investors in order to trigger their interest in the new company. It is a strategic legal tool for all start ups.
Found.ation_Parousiasi FINAL_24-9-13.pdf(first presented at Found.ation 24-9-2013 - GR)
Setting up my start-up: When, where and why?
The aim of this presentation is to offer hands on legal information on the most important legal challenges a new entrepreneur will  have to face at the very early stages of setting up his/her new company structure. Startup companies founders will find this extremely useful in order to be prepared for the load of legal requirements they will have to face at the first steps of their company and to focus on the most important ones.
Setting up my Startup_When, where and why.pdf(first presented at Industry Disruptor’s Global Entrepreneurship Conference, 15-11-2014 - EN)

Data protection and Cloud: A guide to legal security
Cloud computing is a new overwhelming trend that however hides many legal threats especially with regards to data protection. This presentations recaps the basic legal rules that could enhance legal certainty when a company opts to use the Cloud as a tool for data storage and processing purposes.
Προσωπικά Δεδομένα στο Cloud_Ομιλία FINAL 2012.pdf(first presented at IT PRO Dev Conference, 23-11-2012, GR)

Legal Privacy Strategy & the New EU rules

What will be the impact of the new EU rules on data privacy that will be incorporated in a new EU Regulation on the strategy of any business? What are the basic rules that any IT officer as well as the legal department and the C-level personnel of a company must bear in mind when implementing the privacy strategy of their company. This presentation sums up the most significant new provisions to assist companies to be better prepared for the changes to come
ISACA_Legal Privacy Strategy & the New EU Rules_19-5-2014.pdf(First presented at ISACA’s 20 year Conference 19-5-2014, EN)

Electronic signatures: Legal validity and use as a data security tool
Electronic signatures are divided in three basic categories each one bearing dinstinct legal validity. Therefore each company must uphold strategic decisions on what type of electronic signature to use based on multiple personalized factors such as what kind of data are to be protected, what is the scope of protection, what is the need for legal security etc. This presentation’s aim is to enlighten the companies in those complicated and important issues.
Σεμινάριο για τις εξελίξεις στις ηλεκτρονικές υπογραφές.pdf(First presented at Adacom’s Seminar 11-11-2014, GR)

E-payments in B2C on line transactions: The legal challenges ahead

E-payments are a very crucial issue for every on line transaction. Especially for B2C eshops e-payments present additional legal challenges. E-business must be aware of the rules applicable in order to better prepare their payment processes and to set up their relationships with their payment providers accordingly.
Greca_E-payments conference_21-5-2014.pdf(First presented at Greca E-Payment Conference, 21-5-2014, GR)

What are the first legal steps to launch your on-line business
This presentation recaps the basic legal steps that any online entrepreneur must follow in order to establish its startup on line business. This information is also useful for any business (even well established ones) that wish to expand their presence in the online environment.
ALBA PRESENTATION_new version_13-04-2011.pdf(first presented at ALBA, 13-4-2011, EN)