Our firm steadily represents investors and energy investment pioneers in all range of renewable types for any kind of investment and multimodal cooperation. We advise on  drafting and negotiating the main tools commonly used to an investment portfolio of this nature, such as shareholders agreement, SPV entry, PPA (Power Purchase Agreements), joint ventures, credit and financing  arrangements, issuance of production licenses particularly in relation to solar and wind energy projects and all other renewable projects. In this context we have represented and advised in connection to the implementation of the first Private Mutual Fund dedicated to development via contribution of energy renewable start up or main leaders to related markets (such as ecological  disposal of industrial  and agricultural garbage) with the  shareholding participation of the Greek State at 49% via the Ministry of Development.

Hellenic State Renewable Energy Sources Policy has steadily armed to full implementation of all EU directives towards boosting up the investment and use of all types of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). To this end we steadily offer our services and advice for any potential aspect on the industry connected to the realisation of a renewable energy project. The range of our advise and involvement includes tax, administrative and profit return matters. We have many times represented investors and major shareholders to all types of litigation before domestic courts and we still handle many substantial cases which are in progress.