FILOTHEIDIS & PARTNERS advises on all operations related to the financial strategy of companies, including restructuring and regrouping (joint ventures, mergers and similar operations), acquisitions, take-over bids, public offers, securities issues, stock exchange listings and other equity transactions. Our Office also handles the most complex company law or stock exchange problems, which may be encountered by either public or private companies.

We are experts in setting up and helping the financing of foreign companies that wish to establish a presence in Greece, providing advise and support of the processes of the BoD and the General Assembly, informing the shareholders on every-day and on crucial legal matters and uphold all the legal strategy and structure of complex commercial issues. 

The following constitute an indicative list of cases, which we have handled:

  • Legal counseling to companies listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • Acquisitions of industries and establishment of companies in the Balkans and Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Russia)
  • Shares acquisition agreements concerning the shares of two major Greek football teams.
  • Shares acquisition of companies representing joint ventures.
  • Joint venture agreements between Chipita S.A. and Pepsico.
  • Conclusion of co-operative loan facility of the amount of 36,000,000 euros.